Lead. Create. Demonstrate.

The maker spirit is all about “learning-through-doing”. Infuse this spirit into your secondary classrooms with these standards-aligned, hands-on activities designed to encourage exploration and spark curiosity with your students.

Maker Corner

Protecting Our Pollinators!

Bees Polinating

Grades 9-12 | 45-60 Minutes

Students will learn about the ecological importance of species that pollinate flowers, such as birds and insects. They will work in groups to design a unique habitat that would attract these pollinators based on their specific needs.

Clean Water Anywhere

Scientist gathering water sample

Grades 6-8 | 45-60 Minutes

Students will learn about the importance of drinking clean water for a person’s health, and they will become aware of the water crisis that affects millions of people around the world. They will work together to build and test a portable water filter using simple materials.

The Power of the Sun

Cooking with solar powered heat

Grades 6-8 | 45-60 Minutes

Students will learn about thermal energy and heat transfer. They will work together as they try to harness the energy of the sun by designing, creating, and testing a solar cooker that could help developing countries around the world.

Build a Smartscope!


Grades 9-12 | 45-60 Minutes

Students will work together to design and build a device that will turn their smartphone into a working microscope. This “smartscope” will allow them to view, photograph, and record specimens in the science lab and in the field.

Beehive Basics

A cross section of beehive honeycomb

Grades 6–8 | 45–60 minutes

Students will build a beehive for mason bees that can be packaged and used in densely populated areas where there aren't as many pollinators. The colony of bees will help grow important flowers and crops in urban gardens.

"Upcycled" Lamp

Plastic spoons

Grades 6–8 | 45–60 minutes

Students will "upcycle" a bottle and plastic spoons in order to make a pendant lamp. They will learn about electric currents, principles of light, and how recyclable materials can be used in ways they would never expect.

Armadillo Architecture

An armadillo

Grades 6–8 | 45–60 minutes

Students will learn about the efficient and lightweight shell of an armadillo. They will then apply these advantageous adaptations to their own architectural model using a variety of different materials.

Designed for Delivery

Grades 6-8 | 45-60 Minutes

Students will take on the role of a packaging designer and be tasked with creating a package design for a box left outside after delivery that needs to remain cold and dry.

Trash Fishing

Grades 6-8 | 45-60 Minutes

Students will design, build, test, and refine a device that will allow them to fish trash out of local waterways while standing on the shoreline.

Lemon Powered


Grades 6-12 | 45-60 Minutes

Students will apply their understanding of how chemical cells work, by creating their own battery using lemons to help convert stored chemical energy into electric energy that can then light an LED bulb.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Girl drinking hot beverage

Grades 6-8 | 45-60 Minutes

Students will design and build a beverage cup insulator with the goal of keeping a hot drink the warmest.

Building Bridges for Wildlife

Bridge over roadway

Grades 6-8 | 45-60 Minutes

Students will design and build an innovative bridge or wildlife crossing for a specific species so they can safely navigate across and through human-made structures.

Destination: Space!

View of Earth from the Moon

Grades 6-8 | 45-60 Minutes

Students will build a prototype of a lunar outpost that overcomes the obstacles that the moon’s surface provides.

Farming for the Future

iPad and crops

Grades 9-12 | 45-60 Minutes

Student groups will build a hydroponic growing system using simple materials.

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