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Maker Activities

The Maker Corner provides hands-on, standards-aligned STEAM lessons and accompanying materials lists for exciting, creative new ways to learn.

Beehive Basics

A cross section of beehive honeycomb

Grades 6–8 | 45–60 minutes

Students will build a beehive for mason bees that can be packaged and used in densely populated areas where there aren't as many pollinators. The colony of bees will help grow important flowers and crops in urban gardens.

"Upcycled" Lamp

Plastic spoons

Grades 6–8 | 45–60 minutes

Students will "upcycle" a bottle and plastic spoons in order to make a pendant lamp. They will learn about electric currents, principles of light, and how recyclable materials can be used in ways they would never expect.

Armadillo Architecture

An armadillo

Grades 6–8 | 45–60 minutes

Students will learn about the efficient and lightweight shell of an armadillo. They will then apply these advantageous adaptations to their own architectural model using a variety of different materials.

Science Fair and STEAM Events

An important part of learning is doing! Science fairs and STEAM events offer students an opportunity to practice investigation and engineering design. But how are scientific projects different than engineering projects? Think of investigators as research scientists and inventors as engineers. Scientists find out things for themselves. Engineers design and make things that will solve problems.


Are you planning your first-ever Science Fair or STEAM Event?

Our checklists will help you get started, guide you through your event, and help recognize the hard work and talent of your students. Check back for judging rubrics, tips for engaging parents, and activities for students and families to complete together at the event.

Science Fair Coordinator Checklist

Science Fair Coordinator Checklist (Elementary)

Kids Workshops

Kids Workshops provide a mix of skill-building, creativity, and safety for future DIYers every month in Home Depot stores across the country. After registering for the next Workshop, download these exclusive extension activities from Discovery Education. Each extension provides opportunities to reimagine or use their Workshop creation in an unexpected new way.

Pencil Holder

Pencil holder

September 2017

Reimagine and customize your pencil holder for use at school or to store items at home. Add helpful tools and compartments with some flair!

Coming Soon